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Holywood VideoTutorial Editing Composite

If u want to get awesome tutorial for editing and composite video..
you can try from videocopilot.net
High quality After Effects Video Tutorials for motion graphics and visual effects presented by Andrew Kramer. You can get all holywood videoFX tutorial with online view...

almost all effect in supernatural film series u can get from here..

if u want to watch the tutorial with offline view.. u can buy this DVD and support the videocopilot.net (I think their price is cheap) OR you can download the video with small trick.. because You cannot find the download button for the video.
I will show you the trick.. check this out.

go to the page that show the movie tutorial.. ex:(http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorial/lightning_blast/). And then right click at the "out of movie player"in that page.. and choose "view page source".
in page source.. type ".flv" in the find menu (ctrl+F)
and then you found the link like ex:("http://www.videocopilotstore.net/efc5e19e65fe9ca2cbd9818d45ac92a1/videotutorials/97_P2-Lightning_Explosion/data/tutorial.flv")
yaaahoooo.. u can see the link of the original movie.. follow that link and u get direct link access movie..
enjoy learning tutorial..... and have a nice day ^_^

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