Installing Server for PHP

if you want to start to come to php world..( ^_^! ) you need know the knowledge about php webserver..

for starter one, maybe you can download XAMPP web server.. it’s include database server (MySQL) and mail server.. at first just install webserver(APACHE) and database server(MySQL).

follow this link for download.. from

you can choose the lite version if you want. and then for helping you to create database.. you can use my favorite query analyser "SQLyog50". its free... if you want to use phpmyadmin from XAMPP, it’s OK.

follow this link for download SQLyog from
you can download direct link from here..

your webserver location folder in
"C:Program Filesxampphtdocs" if u install in drive C.

okay.. it’s done..

hope can usefull..

best regards,

Yupi Sugianto, S.Kom

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