Ginga Futsal Team

Ginga Win Without Subsitution Player..

Ginga in trouble...
Some Player miss in battle.... Ginga Teamwork broke at this match.. versus Liverpool in Pondok Indah League..
Ginga Played with no Substitution Player...

Ginga player came in this match :
Tommy, Niko, Nathan, Julius, Domez, Rhenick(Injured)

in the first half Ginga scored 1 goal but then conceded 2 goals. (1-2)
in the second half Ginga scored 6 goals and then conceded 4 goals.(7-6)

Ginga Win 7-6 versus Liverpool with no Substitution player..
Domez give 4 Goals, Julius give 2 Goals,and Nathan give 1 Goal.
Domez plays well.. but he must control his anger..
" Remember... Ginga born from friendship.. Trust each other... One Team One Soul... Soccer Lovers.. Ginga born from that all..."

Best Regards,

Ginga No. 1

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