Import CVS File into MySQL database?

I have more than 70.000 row data to execute and input to mySQL database..
hmm... Think fast.. CVS file is the solution for upload all the data to your database server.. don’t think to do import SQL query... It cannot be done.. so slow.. and waste your time... maybe can be memory leak..

I have CVS file with more than 70.000 row data, 1 row with 5 field data, with total size 3.818 KB. I should compress the CVS file into zip file to import into MySQL. Wow.... The file size now is 512 KB.. so tiny with more than 70.000 row data on that..

How to Import CVS file into MySQL :

1. You Should Compress the cvs file.. in this case I use "WinRar" to compress this file.. then I changed the output file extension from ".rar" into ".zip"

2. Change Field Terminated By to "," and Lines to " ". see the picture..


Hope it Works to You..
Yupi Sugianto.

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