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Text Composite Effect

Someday I see something like worm walk on the wall but it have some stem on that body.. It wanna go to the top of the wall.. so I capture that moment..


How To Show Yahoo Messenger (YM) Status on your Blog or Website

Usually I found in several blog or website, they show the status of Yahoo Messenger (YM) with many different style. And now you can do it by yourself. Here is how to show it:

If you want to show your YM status on your website, use this script below:

<a href=?ymsgr:sendIM?yourYMid?>

<img border=0 src=

u=yourYMid&m=g&t=1 /></a>

For blog wordpress you can use this script below:

<a href=?
?.target=yourYMid&.src=pg?><img border=?0?


Import CVS File into MySQL database?

I have more than 70.000 row data to execute and input to mySQL database..
hmm... Think fast.. CVS file is the solution for upload all the data to your database server.. don’t think to do import SQL query... It cannot be done.. so slow.. and waste your time... maybe can be memory leak..