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secant Method for finding roots of an equation algorithm in C++

I got question letter again from University of Minnesota.. of my GOD. topic of this time is secant method.. sucks calculus.. but inteserting for me.. btw I get A grade in Linear Algebra, Discrete Mathematics, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Methods.. so not hard for me.. ckckckck ^.^

for my bro.. I give the answer script in the end. you can download that..


How to Coloring Body Skin (Manga)

I will explain how to coloring the manga drawing image, body skin for this tutor..

Check This Out..

Ginga Futsal Team

Pondok Indah League - Ginga VS Chelsea.. WIN 6-4

Pondok Indah League.

Monday, Oct 27th 2008. 24:10
Gingga VS Chelsea (6-4) GINGA WIN
Renick (1 Goal), Nathan (1 Goal), Rigi (3 Goals), Yupi (1 Goal)

GINGA Squad come for this day : Tommy, Rhenick, Rigi, Surya, Domes, Yupi, Gustama, Hendra(Kecap), Nathan.

Injures Squad : Yugi