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The Cause And Effect Sutra Part 3

The Buddha Speaks of : ’The Cause And Effect Sutra’ Part 3.


Akibat : Mengapa dalam kehidupan sekarang Anda kelaparan dan berpakaian compang-camping?
Effect : Why in this life you are starving and clothless?

Ginga Futsal Team

Wonderfull Last Match in Pondok Indah League

Last Match Ginga vs Chealse ... Ginga Won the match with score 8-2..
Wonderfull match..
Squad Ginga come for this match :
Gultom, Rhenick, Tommy, Julius, Yupi, Yugi, Kecap, Rigi, Nathan, Steven Deker(as Transfer player). ckckckck

Goal for this match :
Gultom 2 Goals, Rigi 2 Goals, Steven 2 Goals, Nathan 1 Goal, Yupi 1 Goal