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Just Share My Life

Freedom Fighter..

Give me back my Freedom...

I just wanna said that words now.. outside office many people(absolutely my client) need me and all of my knowledge.. I feel freedom to helping other people... I wanna build and develop something useful application program and system. Learn new knowledge with freedom.. I love it..

PC Hardware

Intel Core i7 with Nehalem’ architecture

The Core i7 is Intel’s first new CPU architecture since the original Core 2 shipped back in July, 2006. It’s hard to believe that the first Core 2 processors shipped over two years ago.

Since then, Intel has shipped incremental updates to the product line. Quad-core Core 2 CPUs arrived in November 2006, in the form of the QX6700. AMD was quick to point out that Intel’s quad-core solutions weren’t "true" quad-core processors, but consisted of two Core 2 Duo dies in a single package. Despite that purist objection, Intel’s quad-core solutions proved highly successful in the market.

Just Share My Life

New Year Holiday with Algorithm

No Holiday for this New Year 2009....

Dari awal libur dimulai sampai hari ini Minggu 4 januari 2009... terus-terusan ada kesibukan.. coding.. repair hardware.. and else.. baru mau santai sebentar udah di telpon lagi.. lagi-lagi teman butuh pertolongan.. dan lagi-lagi bukan hal bisa diselesaikan dengan sebentar.. ujung-ujungny ya harus coding lagi..