Just Share My Life Experience

Just Share My Life

Boring with this site..

I’m boring with this site design.. I wanna change this design, change feature.. upload many games.. made something big.. but have no time.. not good mood.. not good environment...

Just Share My Life

All Project done.. Time to rest a bit..

Finally, setelah satu bulan besemadhi... ckckckkc ^_^. selesai juga...
Project yang satu ini saya buat dengan PHP Smarty dan menggunakan CMS ala Yupi Sugianto(CMS buatan sendiri).. ckckc untuk CV. Citra Jaya yang bergerak di bidang supplier mesin-mesin jahin dari mesin-mesin ringan sampai mesin-mesin kelas berat..


Installing Server for PHP

if you want to start to come to php world..( ^_^! ) you need know the knowledge about php webserver..