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Query for generate increament Row Number Column

try this query code :

select @rownum:=@rownum+1 ’NO’, p.barang_name from barang p, (SELECT @rownum:=0) r order by barang_name asc limit 5;

result :
NO | barang_name
1 | Barang name 1
2 | Barang name 2
3 | Barang name 3
4 | Barang name 4
5 | Barang name 5


Aviary’ - Online Application Technology.. AWESOME.

do u know some vectoring application in desktop... maybe like corel draw, adobe illustrator ? I imagine it’s hard to made that application.
and I imagine it’s harder to made that application running at web and Online. but, Aviary’s do it.. AWESOME... Aviary’s programmers make that with flash. so u need flash player to use that. Aviary takes the full set of image and audio editing tools online - and they’re free!
Aviary’s Online Vector Editing Web Application
Aviary’s Online Sound Editing Web Application

Aviary is a collection of ornithologically named online tools designed to bring creativity to the cloud. There is a strong focus on graphic work in the form of photo, vector and palette editors, but an online audio editor is also available.

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Get Unknown Injury

What happen with my feet... grrrr.... after woke up in the morning I feel so hurt in my feet.. I’m try to walk then feel more hurt.. not possible to walk with this hurt... I just get a little hurt in my feet on last night so I ignore that.. but in the morning.. it feel more hurt..
oh my God... zzzzz.... I must call up two client to reschedule the meeting..